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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Twilight Sparkle amigurumi

So I'm still working my way along my little collection of crochet ponies.
Just finished Twilight Sparkle, I like how the cutiemark ended up :3
 Her head is titled at an odd angle I know... it just happened :S
In the show, Twilight has a paper-thin horn that doesn't separate her bangs. Unfortunately, in real life it makes no sense to have such a thin horn. . . So her bangs are separated...

Close-up of the cutie mark. I really like how it turned out :3

As always, Twilight Sparkle is copyright of Hasbro's MLP FiM. I own the doll and pattern, Eyeheart (Esme Toussaint 2012)
Do not steal or claim as your own, or I will find you and destroy you :3
With lurvs,

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