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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Boo amigurumi plush

Most of you have seen this about 230498234 times but I'm putting it again because I finally have decent pictures of it (decent to my photography standards. . .)
It's my only one left! :O all the others got sold.
I don't have any bob-ombs left either... and they were a pain to make so I'm saying that they are discontinued from my pile of things.

Marril Keychain

More overstock from Otakuthon that I'm JUST uploading because I'm a lazy bum :3
Here's Marril.
 my hand is weird :S


Pokeball/premierball keychains (v2.0)

Here's better versions of my little pokeball keychains. I'm reposting the pattern because this is what the outcome will be. For some reason the other one was much bigger, I thing it's because it had a 30sc circumference....

ANYWHORE, here it is.
(for premier ball it's the same pattern but change the colours)

Terms to know:
Sc: single crochet
inc: increase (two sc in the same st)
st: stitch
dec: decrease
MR: magic ring

Using red and small hook (I used a 3.25 I think)

1: Make a 6st MR
2: inc in each sc (12)
3: sc, inc (repeat 5 more times) (18)
4: 2 sc , inc (repeat 5 more times) (24)
5: sc around (24)
- at this point switch to black yarn-
6: sc around with black yarn (24)

*Okay this a part is a bit strange to explain but I'll do my best. To make the part that attaches to the keychain ring clamp thing, this is what you do:
chain 5 in red yarn, leave yourself about 2in of tail on both ends of the chain (you can cut off the excess later). With your hook, pull the two tails into the middle of the magic ring but in a way as to leave the chain part on the outside of the ball. you may need to turn the work inside out to do this, it helps. Now, take the two tails and make a knot with them, then another. now use the tail of the original work (the tail from the magic ring) and use that yarn to know the together a few times. to make sure it's solid, tug on the chained part (but don't try to break it!). Hopefully this makes SOME sense. I apologize. *

- now switch to white-
7: sc around (24)
8: 2sc, dec (repeat 5 more times) (18)
(I make my spheres a bit different but it works for me better this way...Also, begin to stuff at this point and gradually keep stuffing to your liking)
9: 8sc, dec, 8sc, dec (16)
10: 3 sc, dec (3 more times) (12)
11: dec in each st around (6)


with black, make a 6st magic ring, slipstitch into the last stitch to make it look as round as possible.
cut a slightly smaller white circle in felt.

Now I use some really awesome glue to glue that stuff together. You might want to glue the white felt to your little black circle and press it down and then wait about 20 minutes for it to dry a bit. Or you could just stitch it on :P
oh and then sew on the button the the middle of the ball as shown above.


Rarity crochet keychain

She's finally here! She didn't get sold, poor thing. On the plus side it means I can still take pictures of her, unlike RainbowDash, AppleJack and Pinkie Pie who were wold without proper pictures. . .

Anyway, here she is in all her tiny glory. Horn was impossible to make like Twilight's.
The more I think about it the more I don't like how she turned out... I think I'll have to make her again, but better this time.

Sunday, 26 August 2012


YAY! Thank you so much whoever you are xP
I've gotten past 1000 pageviews! I'm so happy!
I WILL be posting a free pattern soon, but right now I'm going to go to bed haha...

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Litwick candles!

My very own almost real Litwick! This little guy is hand sculpted to resemble everyone's favourite candle pokemon. 
He's more or less two inches high and can be used as a tea lamp or just to keep you company on a dark night.
His flame actually burns purple! Unfortunately my camera doesn't want to show you...

Made with
coloured birthday candle (purple)
white wax
eyes hand painted with acrylic yellow paint
Slightly peach scented.

- lavender
- cinnamon
- peach
Or I can change the colour of the flame: green, red, orange or purple.

Each one is made by hand by me on demand

~The picture of the long purple wick sticking out of the candle is just to show the coloured candle i used. I cut them down before shipping. Don't worry about your Litwick having a giant purple thing sticking out of its head!~

These were really fun to make! and I can't believe no one though of putting coloured candles to make a Litwick before! Or maybe they have and I just haven't seen it online yet xP

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Other ponies (that never received good pictures D:)

Here's some of the little ponies that didn't get photographed before they got sold. . .
RainbowDash and AppleJack :3 Other ones all have pictures... except little pinkie pie D:
Little ones are all keychains.
I will be posting pictures of the tiny Rarity eventually, she didn't get sold :( But she will be for sale on my etsy shop soon :D
All these and more on my shop:

Enter SPAGHETTSPOOKS to get 10% off :D

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Tiny prinny amigurumi

 Here's one of my favourite generic characters from the disgaea series, the Prinny <3
He's a reincarnated person who is transformed into this winged penguin and has to pay for his by working for below minimum wage as a slave until his debt is payed of, so he can be reincarnated again.

 about three inches high, probably a tiny bit longer from feet to tail.

He's also up for sale on my esty shop, remember that if you enter the code at the top of my blog you get 10% off!

Prinny is copyright of NIS's Disgaea. I own the doll and pattern. Do not steal of claim as your own.
With lurvs,
Eyeheart <3

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Better Derpy

Finally got some better pictures of my amigurumi derpy :P
Couldn't make her eyes derp as much as I had wanted but oh well.

 Cutie-mark... didn't turn out so well but kinda looks okay... I'm still dissapointed ¬¬
and there she is from the back. facing a dirty plate... I should really think about where I take my pictures xD Also applejack is dead in the background...

As always, Derpy Hooves is copyright of Hasbro's MLP FiM. I own the doll and pattern, Eyeheart (Esme Toussaint 2012)
Do not steal or claim as your own, or I will find you and destroy you :3
With lurvs,


(it means nothing btw.)

That's me at my tiny little table xP With ALL my stock. Yup. I had this to last me 3 days xP
Fortunately for me it went super well! I sold all of my prinnies and all of my drifloons and bob-ombs xP
I have a few ponies left (applejack, derpy and pinkie pie) and only rarity as the little keychain pony xP
I do have way too many little pokeball keychains left..maybe I priced them too high? Blame my mom, she told me to sell them for that high price even though I told her you can't price based on hours needed  to make it at otakuthon =_=
Long story short, it went well and I REALLY want to do it again next year :D But hopefully I'll get a full table this time :3

Apple Jack Amigurumi

 And here's AppleJack :D
She was really fun to make, lots of embroidering.
The hat was also really fun to make :3 Although I never made any hats before and improvised on the spot. I think it turned out ok?
 I like how the cutie mark turned out :3
And there she is!

As always, AppleJack is copyright of Hasbro's MLP FiM. I own the doll and pattern, Eyeheart (Esme Toussaint 2012)
Do not steal or claim as your own, or I will find you and destroy you :3
With lurvs,

Pinkie Pie crochet

 Another Pony to add to my collection :3
he's my least favourite pony... but she deserves to be made anyway.

 Cutie-Mark :P

As always, Pinkie Pie is copyright of Hasbro's MLP FiM. I own the doll and pattern, Eyeheart (Esme Toussaint 2012)
Do not steal or claim as your own, or I will find you and destroy you :3
With lurvs,

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

(reminder to myself)

Since Otakuthon was such a great success, I'm planning on doing again next year.
(this list is so I know what to bring to my friend's place in terms of yarn and stuff. Ignore this.)

keychain (crochet)
- poliwag x4
- kirby x3
- drifloon x3
- navi x2
- oddish x3
- pokeball x3 (overstock)
- premierball (overstock)
- heart keychains (overstock)
- tangela (overstock)

Medium (crochet)
- manaphy x1
- prinny x2
- small prinny x1
- pokeball x3
- marril x1
- diglett/
- bob-omb x3
- boo x3
- derpy x1
- fluttershy x1
- rainbow dash x1
- rarity x1
- pinkie pie x1
- apple jack x1
- twilight sparkle x1

Large (quilted)
- clink x2
- lovedisk x2
- ditto pillow x2
- bidoof x1
- snorlax (really big)x1

others...to figure out
munna, scraggy,