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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

(Looooong overdue) Shiny Mareep purse completed!!

It's done!!

Here's my new shiny mareep purse! 

Here's the front.


beautiful fluffy zipper

inside zipper pocket

inside lining and patch pocket.

This super soft purse that is not only adorable but also fully functional! Complete with hand-embroidered and machine applique features. Ears are hand sewn onto the "body" with 100% cotton hand-sewing thread; they're very solid and won't break off. (Unless you actually try really hard to rip them off!)

24cm (13.5in) in diameter not including ears
2.2L (74oz) internal volume (don't fill it with water though!)

- fully adjustable strap made of 100% cotton webbing
- very stiff and robust, LOTS of stabilizer used
- no cardboard inside, which means it's okay to fold it and wrinkle it without worrying about it losing its shape!
- outside is made of very cuddly pink Berber fur
- inside has a keychain ring attachment sewn right into the lining so you'll always know where your keys are.
- big "secret" zipper pocket inside
- lining made of 100% quilting cotton (which means the weave is much tighter and therefore stronger, also the colour stays longer in the fabric and won't wash out!)
- made with a butt-ton of love 
- has a pink patch pocket made of 100% quilting cotton

Pokemon is copyright of The Pokemon Team. This is fanart only. Purse and pattern are mine (Esme Toussaint 2013) do not claim as your own. Please contact me before sharing this/these pictures.

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