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Sunday, 24 March 2013

New cat purse!

Hey y'all, it was march break for me~
I ended up finishing 3 projects this week, I'll try to get some pictures in later.

But for now, here's the best one I've done so far!!

 Front and back

The mouth is actually a small pocket, large enough to fit my iPod and loose change.

oh no bum

Inside lining with a patch pocket (perfect size for my DS!!) and zipper pocket. Also, it has a key fob for mah key n stuff yo.


Ain't it great? :D
It's so light and is it ever warm! I had it on my lap during a cold car ride and it's almost as if it has a heating pack inside. Damn I love fleece.

Dead Cat purse belongs to me (Esme Toussaint 2013), including design. 
Which animal should I do next? I was thinking about a pig. . .

With lurvz, 


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