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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Litwick candles!

My very own almost real Litwick! This little guy is hand sculpted to resemble everyone's favourite candle pokemon. 
He's more or less two inches high and can be used as a tea lamp or just to keep you company on a dark night.
His flame actually burns purple! Unfortunately my camera doesn't want to show you...

Made with
coloured birthday candle (purple)
white wax
eyes hand painted with acrylic yellow paint
Slightly peach scented.

- lavender
- cinnamon
- peach
Or I can change the colour of the flame: green, red, orange or purple.

Each one is made by hand by me on demand

~The picture of the long purple wick sticking out of the candle is just to show the coloured candle i used. I cut them down before shipping. Don't worry about your Litwick having a giant purple thing sticking out of its head!~

These were really fun to make! and I can't believe no one though of putting coloured candles to make a Litwick before! Or maybe they have and I just haven't seen it online yet xP

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