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Thursday, 9 August 2012


(it means nothing btw.)

That's me at my tiny little table xP With ALL my stock. Yup. I had this to last me 3 days xP
Fortunately for me it went super well! I sold all of my prinnies and all of my drifloons and bob-ombs xP
I have a few ponies left (applejack, derpy and pinkie pie) and only rarity as the little keychain pony xP
I do have way too many little pokeball keychains left..maybe I priced them too high? Blame my mom, she told me to sell them for that high price even though I told her you can't price based on hours needed  to make it at otakuthon =_=
Long story short, it went well and I REALLY want to do it again next year :D But hopefully I'll get a full table this time :3

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