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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

(reminder to myself)

Since Otakuthon was such a great success, I'm planning on doing again next year.
(this list is so I know what to bring to my friend's place in terms of yarn and stuff. Ignore this.)

keychain (crochet)
- poliwag x4
- kirby x3
- drifloon x3
- navi x2
- oddish x3
- pokeball x3 (overstock)
- premierball (overstock)
- heart keychains (overstock)
- tangela (overstock)

Medium (crochet)
- manaphy x1
- prinny x2
- small prinny x1
- pokeball x3
- marril x1
- diglett/
- bob-omb x3
- boo x3
- derpy x1
- fluttershy x1
- rainbow dash x1
- rarity x1
- pinkie pie x1
- apple jack x1
- twilight sparkle x1

Large (quilted)
- clink x2
- lovedisk x2
- ditto pillow x2
- bidoof x1
- snorlax (really big)x1

others...to figure out
munna, scraggy, 

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