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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Pokeball/premierball keychains (v2.0)

Here's better versions of my little pokeball keychains. I'm reposting the pattern because this is what the outcome will be. For some reason the other one was much bigger, I thing it's because it had a 30sc circumference....

ANYWHORE, here it is.
(for premier ball it's the same pattern but change the colours)

Terms to know:
Sc: single crochet
inc: increase (two sc in the same st)
st: stitch
dec: decrease
MR: magic ring

Using red and small hook (I used a 3.25 I think)

1: Make a 6st MR
2: inc in each sc (12)
3: sc, inc (repeat 5 more times) (18)
4: 2 sc , inc (repeat 5 more times) (24)
5: sc around (24)
- at this point switch to black yarn-
6: sc around with black yarn (24)

*Okay this a part is a bit strange to explain but I'll do my best. To make the part that attaches to the keychain ring clamp thing, this is what you do:
chain 5 in red yarn, leave yourself about 2in of tail on both ends of the chain (you can cut off the excess later). With your hook, pull the two tails into the middle of the magic ring but in a way as to leave the chain part on the outside of the ball. you may need to turn the work inside out to do this, it helps. Now, take the two tails and make a knot with them, then another. now use the tail of the original work (the tail from the magic ring) and use that yarn to know the together a few times. to make sure it's solid, tug on the chained part (but don't try to break it!). Hopefully this makes SOME sense. I apologize. *

- now switch to white-
7: sc around (24)
8: 2sc, dec (repeat 5 more times) (18)
(I make my spheres a bit different but it works for me better this way...Also, begin to stuff at this point and gradually keep stuffing to your liking)
9: 8sc, dec, 8sc, dec (16)
10: 3 sc, dec (3 more times) (12)
11: dec in each st around (6)


with black, make a 6st magic ring, slipstitch into the last stitch to make it look as round as possible.
cut a slightly smaller white circle in felt.

Now I use some really awesome glue to glue that stuff together. You might want to glue the white felt to your little black circle and press it down and then wait about 20 minutes for it to dry a bit. Or you could just stitch it on :P
oh and then sew on the button the the middle of the ball as shown above.


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